CDST Channel
Credit Default Swap TokenProtection of investments and risky financial transactions
We’ll protect your accounts from risky financial transactions
Exchange trading operations
Venture investments
HYIP investments
Warranty from prohibition or blocking by financial regulators
Insurance for funds on accounts in different countries
Protection from bankruptcies and defaults of financial companies
Anonymity and confidentiality of application and services
Capital growth due to the increase of the token price and accrual interest income from trading operations on exchanges
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CDST Channel
About the project
The main purpose of (CDST) Credit Default Swap Token is to insure investments and funds during risky financial operations, such as exchange trading transactions, venture capital investments, and investments in HYIPs.
The protection of investments is carried out through franchise and placement of the tokens in the wallet, with a planned increase in supply and demand in economic liquidity, which significantly affects the pricing of the token. CDST tokens are the basis of the project's economy. With their help, the cost of capital can increase by crediting a commission in the form of an interest income to the balance.

Planned allocation of the issued $CDST tokens

  • Hedge Fund

    Regulation of funds for services provided and development of the project ecosystem. This fund acts as a liquidity regulator in the project economy.

  • Investment Protection Fund

    These funds will be used to provide protection for investments and risky operations.

  • Staking Fund

    These funds will be gradually distributed among the participants of the staking in accordance with the economy of crediting interest in tokens in commissions.

  • Whitelist Fund

    Sale of tokens for the project development and for the economic liquidity of its services on third-party platforms.

  • Team Fund

    The funds will be transferred to the team and project partners within 3 years.

  • Marketing Fund

    These funds will be used to finance the marketing of the project.

  • Early Investor Fund

    These funds will be distributed to the first project investors, who participated before the Whitelist, within 3 years.

CDST Channel
Apply for a franchise and protect your investment from losses right now!
How to do it in 5 steps:
Application for investment/funds insurance against losses and bankruptcy.
Wait for processing
Wait for a decision on the application from the expert team
Perform actions as requested
Perform a list of required actions sent from the project to provide investment protection.
Pay for the franchise
The franchise payment is in the range 10% - 30% of the sum insured.
Obtain the franchise
Tokens credited to the hedging account are equivalent to the protected sum.
Hedged case *
In case if the event against which the protection franchise was bought takes place, and if the CDST project approves the case, your tokens will become available for various operations on exchanges to compensate for losses.
Apply for an investment protection franchise
Exchange trading operation
Forex trading
Venture investments
Investment pyramids
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CDST Channel
Increase of investment capital from 25% to 75% per year without risks.
The CDST project not only solves the problems of investment insurance but also enables community members to build a strategy for the growth of their assets.
Hedge Fund
1,000,000,000 CDST
Tokens supplementary distribution to other funds to maintain liquidity and volumes
Liquidity Fund
250,000,000 CDST
Direct sale of tokens on the exchange to its users. Bonus distribution of tokens to community members
Staking Fund
250,000,000 CDST
Distribution of income interest to token holders
Investment Protection Fund
500,000,000 CDST
Sale of CDST tokens as protection against default and bankruptcy
If you are interested in investing or trading, use CDST tokens to increase your savings and income. This is achieved by means of two features: earnings on staking and on exchange transactions.
Staking — is a programmed growth of your assets, which automatically occurs as long as you keep tokens locked in your account, while other users perform transactions. Technically, this is arranged so that every time someone transfers, sells or buys CDST tokens, the other holders receive a share of the amount of such transaction from a special fund. Thus, by buying tokens on the exchange or buying a protection franchise, you increase the assets on your balance while you hold them, and you receive income by selling the accumulated tokens later.